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This country is a nice place to find the most modern and amazing things, and a particular way of life

Winter in Holland


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As a country, the Netherlands has a liberal image which stems from pragmatism and a 'live and let live' attitude. The historical roots of this provide an interesting look into the Dutch soul.

Live and let live
When visiting the Netherlands for the first time, you will probably be struck by the fact that everyone here is quite absorbed with his or her own piece of social space. People don't immediately speak to strangers, on the trains everyone tries to get a seat where they can sit alone and the foreign visitor soon has the feeling that he or she is being ignored.


Some traditions

Holland has kept many traditional aspects alive. For a small country, that, as a typical merchant nation, always has been extremely tolerant and open for many foreign influences, it offers a rich traditional culture.

Windmills: At one time, some 10,000 windmills dotted the beautiful lowlands of Holland. Used for distributing water, draining the polders, and grinding corn, windmills are an ever-present reminder of a natural, non-polluting energy source.



Waubachbosch Germany